Power Rangers Hoodie Towel Tutorial


What kid does not love to get out of the bath and get wrapped up in a hoodie towel. The problem is that at our house all the hoodie towels are made for toddlers. My boys are not ready to give them up,  nothing is better than after drying off, pretending that they are their favorite action hero.  Below is a tutorial on how to make a hoodie towel that will fit those big kids too. My boys are obsessed with Power Rangers right now so when I asked what kind of towel they would like of course it was the red Power Ranger.


Here’s what you will need to start

– 1 Bath towel

– 1 Hand towel

– Steam a Seam

– 9″x9″ White fabric

– 9″x9″ Black fabric

-White, Black and thread to match towel

-Sewing Machine, Scissors, pins

– One of the  Power Ranger Emblems – I have a link to the Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Yellow Ranger Emblems ( Not perfect, I can sew not draw..)Power ranger emblem

Step 1: Trace your pattern twice on Steam A Seam

Step 2: Iron the Steam A Seam on the wrong side of both the white and black fabric

Step 3: Cut out the white and black fabric. I cut the black fabric about 1/8 to 1/4 inch smaller than the white. Usually I just eye it.

Step 4: Peel off Steam A Seam from the black fabric and align it on top of the white.


Step 1


Step 3


Step 4

Step 5 : Take your hand towel and on either of the long sides fold down 3 or 4 inches. I used 3 inches for this hoodie towel. Pin across.

Step 6: Stitch across what you just pinned.

Step 7: Take Power Ranger emblem and peal off the back paper of the white fabric. Center the emblem on the hand towel and once you have it where you want it iron it down. Once you iron it  it is permanent.

Step 8: Set your machine on zig – zag or satin stitch which ever is your preference. I used a zig-zag stitch on this towel. Change your thread to white and stitch around the white, then stitch around the black with black thread.


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8

Step 9: With right sides together sew the back of the towel to make your hood. Make sure you change your thread color to match your towel again. I forgot to change my threads but I am going to say I did that on purpose to show you where to sew. That’s my story.

Step 10: Grab your large bath towel and find the middle on one of the long sides. I also like to make sure that I have the side with the tag folded in . On the long side where you found the middle you are going to line your hoods middle up, with right sides together. Pin down and you can either straight stitch or zig-zag. Also I sew to the left of the bulky towel edge, just makes it easier on you and your machine. I used zig-zag to give it a little more strength because I knew the wear and tear my boys will be putting them through.

Step 11: Grab your kids and throw them in the tub so they can use their new towel.


Step 9


Step 10


Step 10


Happy Kid


What evil can happen in your house with a Power Ranger

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