Less Mess & Waste – How To Make Quick Un-Paper Towels

There are projects all over Pintrest on how to make cute reusable paper towels with flannel and terry cloth. Which I think are really cute, but they just take to much time to make in my opinion,  from sewing them together to putting on snaps or velcro . I don’t want to waste a lot of time on something that is going to be stained the first time I use it, or maybe your kids don’t spill stuff like mine do? Grape juice anyone.  So here is a quick tutorial on how to make un-paper towels with birdseye cotton using both a regular sewing machine and a serger. We have  been using these towels  for about a year now and we love them. The best thing is that they are white so you can bleach them when they get to gross looking.

Materials Needed:

-Birdseye Cotton – can be found at Joann’s or online with cloth diaper supplies

-Scissors/Rotary Cutter

-Sewing Machine/Serger

– Fray Check

materials needed

 Step 1: Wash your fabric. Birdseye will shrink so it is important to pre-wash and dry your fabric before you start. For 6 towels you need to plan on 1 1/4 yards of fabric if you are serging and 1 1/3 yards if you are using a regular sewing machine.

Cut fabric

Step 2: Cut your fabric, you can use whatever measurements you want, but for these I used a 12″x 18″ for serging if I was hemming them I would cut it 14″x18″ . If you are using a serger you can skip down to Step 5.

fold 12  fold again 12

Step 3: If you are using a sewing machine you will want to fold and press your edges down 1/2 inch and then turn them over another 1/2 inch and press to make sure the raw edges are folded under. Pin if you need.

finished hemmed

Step 4: Sew around the edges. Don’t forget to back stitch at the beginning and end. I used a 3/8 seam.

finished serged

Step 5: If you are serging, you can cut curves on the corners to make it easier to serge. Lock your stitch in place. I like to use fray check at this point to lock my stitches.

finished Finished Un Paper Towels

Step 6: You are finished. Now take them into your kitchen and start using them.

I know some people keep water proof bags in their kitchens to throw their dirty towels in,  my laundry room is right off my kitchen so they just get thrown into what ever load of laundry I am currently doing.


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