Gathering Apron Tutorial

gathering apron finished front

Spring is here…well at least the calendar says it is…mother nature has not made her mind up yet. With springs comes plans for my garden this summer. I can’t wait to start working the soil, planting my seeds in pretty rows, then harvesting all the yummy summer vegetables.

Last summer while looking for garden aprons,  I found a picture of an apron on Pinterest that had a pouch for harvesting fruit/vegetables from the garden. What a great idea! I thought I can make that and I love how it turned out, so I thought it would share it with you.


What you will need:

1 3/4 yard of fabric (I used cotton, but any medium/heavy weight fabric would work) or if you are using 2 coordinating fabrics 1 1/3 yards of main fabric and 1/3 yard of contrasting fabric.

1/8 yard Pellon 808 Interfacing or any medium fusible interfacing, plus 2 small squares of interfacing for grommets

3 yards Twill Tape/ ribbon /cording

Scissors/Rotary Cutter



2 sets of grommets or if you don’t have grommets handy you can make button holes

Gathering Apron Pattern- make sure your printer is set as poster/tiles to ensure you get the proper size.

front and back piece

Cut 2 of the main pattern on the fold, mark for grommets on one of the main pieces.

Cut 2 – 36″x 6″ or 44″x 6″ strips for your apron strings depending how long you want them.

Cut 2 – Interfacing 40″ x 2.5″

interfacing for grommet   grommet    grommet

Using your front main piece, reinforce the grommet marking with interfacing. Follow directions on package for installing grommets. If you don’t want to use grommets you could add a buttonhole.

pinning right sides together

With right sides together of main pieces, pin around sides and bottom. Leaving the top open.

Sew 3/8″ seam around sides and bottom.

clipped corners

Clip curves, before turning right side out.

iron apron

Turn right side out and press.

sewing casing

Top stitch around the edge with a 1″ seam, making sure you have enough of a seam to miss the grommet.

threading twill tape to top       top twill tape inserted

Cut 2 – 18″ Twill Tape/Ribbon, you can use a fray check on the ends if  you would like.

Use a safety pin to string the Twill Tape into the casing you made towards the top of apron. Repeat on the other side.

top twill tape sewing

Stitch across the top, back and forth a couple times to hold the twill tape on both sides.

You can also baste across the top of the apron if you want at this point.

38 inch around apron

Sew your 36″x 6″pieces with right sides together, so you have a finished 72″ x 6″ piece. Press the seam open. This will become your apron strings.

interfacing on ties

Fold apron string piece in half long ways and press with wrong sides together.

Find the middle of the apron string, take your interfacing piece and match the middles up and press interfacing to the wrong side of one of the halves of the apron string.

apron ties 12 fold over    both sides 12

Fold and press both sides of apron strings up 1/2 inch.

end of apron tie

Fold and press both ends in 1/2 inch.

apron ties fold over   iron half top

Fold in half and press together.

middle of apron and strap

With your main piece find the center of the top and mark, I just used a pin, but you could also use a marking pen.

Find the middle of your apron strings and match with the top of your apron. Making sure that the side with the interfacing is at the top.

pin apron ties

Fold over apron strings, making sure to sandwich 1/2 to 1 inch of the top of the main piece in between. Pin across the front of apron and down to the ends of the strings.

sewing ties on

Starting at one end of your apron string sew down one side and across the bottom of apron strings. Go slowly across main part to make sure that you are catching the backside of the apron strings.

top stitching apron ties

Top stitch across the top of the apron strings.

twill tape on bottom

With your remaining 2 yards of twill tape/ ribbon, again use a safety pin to insert it into the casing around the bottom of the apron.

Enjoy your new apron this summer!

full apron front side of full apron

finished apron gathered side view


4 thoughts on “Gathering Apron Tutorial

  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I am very excited to try your pattern. I will be sneaking through the rest of your patterns! Thank you!!

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  3. I don”t have the ability to print pattern into the size required for this pattern. Could I have approx. dimensions please so that I could wing it . the most beautiful looking gathering apron seen and heart broken I cant get started

    • I just saw your comment, and although this is not my post, I have an idea for you. Find some wrapping paper with the one inch grid marks on the back. Note the 1×1 square on the pattern. Determine the actual size by comparing that to what prints on a sheet of paper, then make a pattern using the wrapping paper to make actual size. By my calculations, the square printed at exactly 1cm. So, 25 1/4 inches down the fold, 17 3/4 across the top from the fold. Down 16 from the top left, in 61/4 inches from the fold at the bottom and freehand the curve. Hope this helps!

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