Welcome To My Blog


Thanks for stopping by my blog which is about my journey to open a fabric store in Troy, Ohio while still working a full time job, raising two you boys and training for a half marathon. The name Sew On The Edge perfectly describes my life right now, I am alway on the edge of something is it insanity? My husband might say yes to that one. I also love fabric  and sewing and have become frustated with the selection of fabric around me. If I want to look at any other fabric than what the big craft stores sell I have to drive an hour, which never works when you have an inspiration and want to sew right away. So if I am frusterated with lack of quality fabric how many other people are too?  So why not open a store. I also know that the interent is a valueable tool which I  will definatley  be selling on when I get my shop open. But I also want people to be able to come in chat, share sewing tips, learn how to sew and be able to feel the fabric and see the true color. Thanks for stopping by and following me on my journey to opening Sew On The Edge.

It is going to be a fun journey!Image