It’s Birthday Party Time At Our House

The past two weeks have been filled with Birthdays,  both of my boys had birthdays at the end of March and we had their birthday party last weekend. I am one of those crazy people that have kids with birthdays back to back. Our first son was born on March 31st and our second son was born on March 30th. This does make remembering their birthdays very easy. The boys had  their first friends party at a local bounce house place.  With the winter we have had, they need to let off some energy and this is the perfect place. Plus, it means that I don’t have to clean my house for guest..bonus for mom!

Of course with birthday parties comes cakes.  I do feel bad that they will always have to share a party, so I try to make that up by letting them each have their own cakes.  This year the oldest wants a Minion cake and the youngest wants a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake. I can remember my mom making our cakes and thinking how cool it was that she could create  unique cakes year after year.  So I have tried to keep up that tradition, I am just thankful that I have Pinterest for my inspiration/guidelines, mom usually just had to wing it.

The boys both had funfetti pancakes for breakfast

Fun Fetti Pancakes for Birthday breakfast

Funfetti Pancakes for the 4 year old Birthday breakfast

Fun Fetti pancakes for his 6th Birthday.

Funfetti pancakes for the 6th year old Birthday.

Boys and their cakes.

Boys and their cakes.

It was a great two weeks. I can’t believe that my babies are now 6 and 4. Time has flown.